TechTalent Charter

TechTalent Charter

We are calling on organisations of all shapes and sizes to join us; an industry collective, to forge a TechTalent Charter to help deliver a more diverse tech workforce in the UK. To ensure all groups who make-up the UK population have a role in the development of the coding language of the future, and remain a key element of the future workforce, we need the organisations to join us in pledging to do more in promoting the benefits of a diverse workforce in the roles of technology, IT and coding.

As we work towards developing a robust charter that provides practical advice in recruitment and retention practices and develops longer-term initiatives to solve the current underrepresentation of groups, particularly females in the tech workforce, we are asking organisations to sign up to show their support at this stage.

No practical initiatives or policies are required to be implemented. We ask that you show your support and work with us to help come up with the solution.

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